Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Dewormer 200g
Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Dewormer 200g
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Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Dewormer 200g

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Vondi’s Diatomaceous Earth is 100% organic, food-grade certified diatomaceous earth. As with the ingredients in all our products, we take great care in sourcing our diatomaceous earth, only using renewable and reputable sources.

Diatomaceous Earth Dog Dewormer

It’s a great ingredient with an awful name; let’s start by breaking down its pronunciation. The best way to wrap one’s mouth around this chunky word is to say ‘diet – oh – may – shus.’

What does it do?

But what is this fancy Diatomaceous Earth anyway? Well, for one, it is an incredible dewormer. That Diatomaceous Earth is a great digestive aid should come as no surprise. 

What is it?

From what is it made? Diatomaceous Earth gets made of fine microscopic skeletons of algae fossilised over millions of years. That may sound weird, but it’s such a fine grain that it is closer to flour than sand in its unprepared form. 

Highest grade, food-specific Diatomaceous Earth

Note that Diatomaceous Earth comes in two forms. And we only use the best food-grade amorphous silica as approved by trusted global agencies like the EPA, USDA, and the American FDA.