Uncanni Full Spectrum CBD | Cat Treats
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Uncanni Full Spectrum CBD | Cat Treats

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Uncanni CBD Cat Treats Product Description

 The natural cat treats are made using wheat-free ingredients (to increase the potential customer base); with a natural anti-oxidant (to enhance shelf-life); and with Catnip (to increase the attractiveness of the treats to the cats). Sold in one size (100g) which is possibly larger than most other packaged cat treats on your shelves, but branded to be part of the existing natural range and still competitively priced.

 Typical benefits of CBD Oil for a Cat are;

Can ease Arthritis,

Joint Support & Mobility.

Eases Anxiety, Fear and Aggression.

Alleviates Loss of Appetite & Digestive Problems.

Has been known to restrict Cancers & Tumors.

Reduces Skin Issues and Allergies

Seizures & Epilepsy.

Reduces Inflammation & Spasms

Uncanni CBD Cat Treats Ingredients:

 Sweet Potato, Rice Flour, Catnip, Uncanni CBD Oil, Vegetable Oil, Rooibos, Chamomile, Grapeseed Oil, Free-range Eggs, Natural Mould Inhibitor (Rosemary Extract), Water