Rooibos & Moringa Health Crunch
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Rooibos & Moringa Health Crunch

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Moringa Crunch Product Description


Over the last 20 years the Rooibos and Chamomile Infused Oil has really taken off. This 100% natural product has proved incredibly effective on itchy skins throughout South Africa. Vets are even recommending it before trying the usual allopathic cortisone. In late 2016 Moringa was also added to the infusion to provide the huge benefits of this ingredient to the well-established remedy


The oils and herbs are blended by hand and it is quite a lengthy process to ensure maximum infusion. Total infusion cannot naturally occur and so the majority of the nutrition and healthy properties within the Moringa, Rooibos and Chamomile is retained within the by-product which is known as the “Moringa Crunch”. The raw materials are only used once in the infusion process so that there is a consistency to the high quality of the infused oil produced but this still leaves unused allopathic properties in the Moringa Crunch”.


The three main ingredients are 100% Organic, thus ensuring that the nutritional value is not compromised by pesticides and other nasties. Animals enjoy this slightly crunchy mix just as it is – a few teaspoons over their food adds interest and dogs will lap it up. Many horse lovers add it to the horses' food as a supplement for the taste, nutrition and many good properties.


Moringa Crunch is packaged in pharmaceutical grade PET white plastic containers, which are 100% recyclable.


Size: 500ml