Rooibos Healthy Treats For Cats| Catnip
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Rooibos Healthy Treats For Cats| Catnip

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Rooibos Catnip Cat Treats Product Description


The Rooibos Catnip Cat Treats are made from 100% natural ingredients, most of which are organic.

So, what’s in them? To make them the correct consistency (soft and crumbly) we use Rice Flour and Sweet Potato (therefore these are wheat-free treats). To make them attractive to cats we use catnip and yeast extract (like marmite). They are made in tiny heart-shapes.

Ingredients include: Rooibos and Chamomile; Catnip; Sweet potato; Rice Flour; Vegetable Oil; Yeast Extract; Rosemary Extract (natural anti-oxidant); Free-Range Eggs; Water.

 As with all of our products, these are made only from natural ingredients; sold only in recyclable packaging (resealable ziplock pouch inside cardboard carton); and with a unique barcode sticker on the side panel (with a 1 year best-before date).

 The natural cat treats are made using wheat-free ingredients (to increase the potential customer base); with a natural anti-oxidant (to enhance shelf-life); and with Catnip and Yeast Extract (to increase the attractiveness of the treats to the cats).

Sold in one size (100g) which is possibly larger than most other packaged cat treats on your shelves, but branded to be part of the existing natural range and still competitively priced.