Riverhound Colour Enhancer Shampoo 250ml
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Riverhound Colour Enhancer Shampoo 250ml

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Whitening Shampoo

River Hound's Colour Enhancement Shampoo is a game changer for pets with white and light coats. Say goodbye to yellow and brassy tones and hello to bright, vibrant fur with this innovative shampoo.

Featuring brightening Violet pigments, this high-foaming shampoo effectively reduces the appearance of dullness and enhances the natural colour of your pet's coat. The result is a brighter, more radiant fur that shines with health and vitality.

The sweet Cotton Candy fragrance adds a touch of fun to your pet's grooming routine, while the gentle formula is safe and effective for use on any type of pet fur. The shampoo creates a rich lather, making it easy to work into your pet's fur for a thorough cleanse.

In addition to its colour-enhancing properties, River Hound's Colour Enhancement Shampoo also helps to hydrate your pet's skin and fur, keeping it healthy and moisturised. The formula is free from harsh chemicals and is suitable for regular use.

Transform your pet's fur with River Hound's Colour Enhancement Shampoo. Get ready for brighter, more radiant fur with every wash!


  • Reduces yellow/brass tones.
  • Perfect for white coats.
  • Excellent cleansing action.

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