Pet Teezer Puppy Brush | Green
Pet Teezer Puppy Brush | Green
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Pet Teezer Puppy Brush | Green

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Want to introduce your precious new pup to the grooming experience, but you want to do it the right way? Then a  Pet Teezer Puppy Brush is just the brush for your puppy. Regular brushing will result in building discipline and bonding with your puppy. But it will also result in keeping his coat hygienic and knot-free.

The Pet Teezer Puppy Brush has two different lengths of teeth, each helping with something different. The longer teeth remove dirt and gently detangles your puppy’s coat. The shorter teeth protect your pup’s coat against matting and smooth the hair. This brush can be used on wet and dry coats.

This Pet Teezer Puppy Brush delivers the gentlest brush strokes, which are perfect for puppies. This brush is wonderful for brushing away skin flakes, encouraging oil glands so that they can develop without irritation or brush burns getting in the way.

The Pet Teezer Puppy Brush is super easy to clean, just lift the hair from the teeth and rinse it with warm water. Allow it to air dry naturally with its teeth facing upwards. No need to worry about this brush rusting when you wash it, as there’s no rusting involved like with some other grooming brushes with metal teeth.

It’s recommended that playful pups be introduced to grooming as soon as possible. This brush not only works well for puppies but also for pets with sensitive skin or for using in sensitive areas, for example, beneath the tail, ears or creases of the legs