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Doggylish Treats | Chicken Jerky

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Chicken breasts are cut into thin strips, lightly smoked with beech wood chips, and then air dried to a biltong consistency. Available in training bite size too
Available in 50g, 100g or 200g options

In a world filled with complexity around dog food information, dog owners are often left scratching their heads when deciding what to feed their dogs and what not to. On top of that, with the busy lives we all live, time is never really on our side if we wanted to cook dog food from scratch.

Doggylish took a simple and fun approach to their dog food, because simpler is better, and life is boring without having fun. Their fun and quirky recipes are produced in small batches, using the high quality ingredients, and produced in a food safe environment. Doggylish is delicious, convenient and affordable.