Pet Toy | Rosewood Aromadog Rescue Flattie
Pet Toy | Rosewood Aromadog Rescue Flattie
Pet Toy | Rosewood Aromadog Rescue Flattie
Pet Toy | Rosewood Aromadog Rescue Flattie
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Pet Toy | Rosewood Aromadog Rescue Flattie

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Using patented technology combined with natural aromatherapy, our toys are designed to aid in keeping your pet calm and happy all day long.

Developed by professional aromatherapists, endorsed by veterinarians and loved by dog owners (plus their pets!), AROMADOG has created a revolutionary new concept in interactive squeaky dog toys.

Made with a 100% therapeutic grade blends, every play and squeak releases a calming blend of essential oils into the air – helping your dog associate their AROMADOG toy with feeling relaxed and happy.

With a soothing effect on the natural canine instinct to play and sniff, AROMADOG can calm your dog in events such as:

Separation Anxiety
Night pacing
Vet Visits
Travel Anxiety


Like people, animals are emotionally sensitive and traumatic experiences can sometimes cause permanent scars that may be difficult to overcome. Such trauma may cause feelings of abandonment, betrayal, stress, fear, rage, anxiety and depression. When essential oils are inhaled , they are directly processed in the area of the brain that regulates emotion and memory (limbic system). Each essential oil in our Journey Home blend works together to strengthen areas that have been affected by negative experiences. The powerful blend of essential oils soothes and comforts the sharp edge of emotional trauma. It can assist with the transition from overwhelming grief, anger, and sadness to emotions that are in balance and optimistic.

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